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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017CDK1 and PLK1 co-ordinate the disassembly and re-assembly of the Nuclear Envelope in vertebrate mitosisVagnarelli, P; Sales Gil, R; de Castro, I; Ligammari, L; Di Giacinto, ML
2012Contrasting roles of condensin I and condensin II in mitotic chromosome formationGreen, LC; Kalitsis, P; Chang, TM; Cipetic, M; Kim, JH; Marshall, O; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Vagnarelli, P; Samejima, K; Earnshaw, WC; Choo, KH; Hudson, DF
2014DNA content of a functioning chicken kinetochoreRibeiro, SA; Vagnarelli, P; Earnshaw, WC
2017Functional and prognostic significance of the genomic amplification of frizzled receptor 6 ( FZD6 ) in breast cancerCorda, G; Sala, G; Lattanzio, R; Iezzi, M; Sallese, M; Fragassi, G; Lamolinara, A; Mirza, H; Barcaroli, D; Ermler, S; Silva, E; Yasaei, H; Newbold, RF; Vagnarelli, P; Mottolese, M; Natali, PG; Perracchio, L; Quist, J; Grigoriadis, A; Marra, P; Tutt, AN; Piantelli, M; Iacobelli, S; De Laurenzi, V; Sala, A
2016The Ki-67 and Repoman mitotic phosphatases assemble via an identical, yet novel mechanismGanesan, K; Gokhan, E; De Munter, S; Bollen, M; Vagnarelli, P; Peti, W; Page, R
2014Ki-67 is a PP1-interacting protein that organises the mitotic chromosome peripheryTakagi, M; Sanchez-Pulido, L; Petfalski, E; Vargiu, G; Samejima, K; Imamoto, N; Ponting, CP; Tollervey, D; Earnshaw, WC; Vagnarelli, P
2012Mitotic chromosomes are compacted laterally by KIF4 and condensin and axially by topoisomerase II╬▒Samejima, K; Samejima, I; Vagnarelli, P; Ogawa, H; Vargiu, G; Kelly, DA; de Lima Alves, F; Kerr, A; Green, LC; Hudson, DF; Ohta, S; Cooke, CA; Farr, CJ; Rappsilber, J; Earnshaw, WC
2017Mitotic post-translational modifications of histones promote chromatin compaction in vitroVagnarelli, P; Zhiteneva, A; Bonfiglio, J; Makarov, A; Colby, T; Schirmer, E; Matic, I; Earnshaw, W
2016Mutations in genes encoding condensin complex proteins cause microcephaly through decatenation failure at mitosisVagnarelli, P
2008Mutations in pericentrin cause Seckel syndrome with defective ATR-dependent DNA damage signalingGriffith, E; Walker, S; Martin, CA; Vagnarelli, P; Stiff, T; Vernay, B; Al Sanna, N; Saggar, A; Hamel, B; Earnshaw, WC; Jeggo, PA; Jackson, AP; O'Driscoll, M
2017Network of phosphatases and HDAC complexes at repressed chromatin.De Castro, I; Amin, H; Vinciotti, V; Vagnarelli, P
2017Protein Phosphatases at the Nuclear EnvelopeVagnarelli, P; Castro, IJ; Sales Gil, R; Berihun, J
2015Repo-Man as a chromatin organiser in the interphase nucleiDe Castro, IJ; Budzak, J; Di Giacinto, ML; Vagnarelli, P; Castro, I
2011Repo-Man coordinates chromosomal reorganization with nuclear envelope reassembly during mitotic exitVagnarelli, P; Ribeiro, S; Sennels, L; Sanchez-Pulido, L; de Lima Alves, F; Verheyen, T; Kelly, DA; Ponting, CP; Rappsilber, J; Earnshaw, WC
2016The Repo-Man/PP1 complex role in chromatin remodelling, nuclear structure and cancer progressionGokhan, Ezgi
2016Repo-Man/PP1 regulates heterochromatin formation in interphaseVagnarelli, P; Castro, I; Budzak, J; Di Giacinto, ML; Ligammari, L; Gokhan, E; Spanos, C; Moralli, D; Richardson, C; de las Heras, J; Salatino, S; Shirmer, E; Ullman, K; Bickmore, W; Rappsilber, J; Lamble, S; Golberg, M; Vinciotti, V
2016Resetting a functional G1 nucleus after mitosisDe Castro, IJ; Gokhan, E; Vagnarelli, P
2010A super-resolution map of the vertebrate kinetochoreRibeiro, SA; Vagnarelli, P; Dong, Y; Hori, T; McEwen, BF; Fukagawa, T; Flors, C; Earnshaw, WC