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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Acoustic journal bearing - performance under various load and speed conditionsStolarski, TA; Gawarkiewicz, R; Tesch, K
2015Acoustic journal bearing – a search for adequate configurationGawarkiewicz, R; Stolarski, TA; Tesch, K
2007Assessment of wear resistance of tin and tin alloy coatingsLam, Wayne Pui-Wing
1998Development studies of lubricating fluids to accelerate removal of material from silicon nitrideKaur, Gulsharan Rita
2007The effects of magnetic fields on rolling contact fatigue wearIida, Yusuke
2017Extended Duration Running and Impulse Loading Characteristics of an Acoustic Bearing with Enhanced GeometryStolarski, TA; Gawarkiewicz, R; Tesch, K
2010The influence of magnetic field on wear in sliding contactsMakida, Yutaka
2008Morphology of surface damage resulting from static and dynamic contactsVongbandit, Pratip
2015Peculiarities associated with testing polyetheretherketone (PEEK) in a model rolling contactStolarski, TA; Gawarkiewicz, R
1992Performance studies of oil lubricated helical groove journal bearingKhan, Muhammad Zubair
2011Running characteristics of aerodynamic bearing with self-lifting capability at low rotational speedStolarski, TA
2013Running performance of an aerodynamic journal bearing with squeeze film effectSho, T; Yoshimoto, S; Stolarski, TA
2014Some fundamental aspects of self-levitating sliding contact bearings and their practical implementationsAtherton, MA; Mares, C; Stolarski, TA
2007Use of near field acoustic levitation sliding contactStolarski, TA; Woolliscroft, CI