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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011At the intersection of disability and masculinity: Exploring gender and bodily difference in IndiaStaples, J
2017Beef and beyond: exploring the meat consumption practices of Christians in IndiaStaples, J
2012Blood, society and the gift: An ethnography of change in the gift relationshipMahon-Daly, Patricia Mary
2014Civilizing tastes: From caste to class in South Indian foodwaysStaples, J
2014Communities of the afflicted: constituting leprosy through place in South IndiaStaples, J
2016Community in refugee resettlement: an ethnographic exploration of Bhutanese refugees in Manchester (UK)Hoellerer, Nicole Ingrid Johanna
2017Consuming Expectations : an exploration of foodways in relation to health and maternity among Nepalis living in Norway.Vidnes, Thea
2012Culture and carelessness: Constituting disability in South IndiaStaples, J
2008'Go on, just try some!': Meat and meaning-making among South Indian ChristiansStaples, J
2016The intimate state: female sterilisation, reproductive agency and operable bodies in rural North IndiaLuksaite, Eva
2017Introduction: Consumer and ConsumedStaples, J; Klein, JK
2015Personhood, agency and suicide in a neo-liberalising South India.Staples, J
2016Purity, embodiment and the immaterial body: An exploration of Buddhism at a Tibetan monastery in Karnataka, South IndiaClay, Gemma
2014Putting Indian christianities into context: Biographies of christian conversion in a leprosy colonyStaples, J