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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Meta-QSAR: a large-scale application of meta-learning to drug design and discoverySadawi, N; Grosan, C; Bickerton, R; Vanschoren, J; Soldatova, L; King, R
2014Ontology of core data mining entitiesPanov, P; Soldatova, L; Dzeroski, S
2011Representation of research hypothesesSoldatova, L; Rzhetsky, A
2015SBOL Visual: A graphical language for genetic designs.Quinn, JY; Cox, RS; Adler, A; Beal, J; Bhatia, S; Cai, Y; Chen, J; Clancy, K; Galdzicki, M; Hillson, NJ; Le Novère, N; Maheshwari, AJ; McLaughlin, JA; Myers, CJ; P, U; Pocock, M; Rodriguez, C; Soldatova, L; Stan, GB; Swainston, N; Wipat, A; Sauro, HM
2016Thematic issue of the Second combined Bio-ontologies and Phenotypes WorkshopVerspoor, K; Oellrich, A; Collier, N; Groza, T; Rocca-Serra, P; Soldatova, L; Dumontier, M; Shah, N