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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Determination of economic systems behaviour under uncertaintySerguieva, A
2008Financial contagion: Evolutionary optimisation of a multinational agent-based modelCaporale, GM; Serguieva, A; Wu, H
2003An intelligent system for risk classification of stock investment projectsSerguieva, A; Kalganova, T; Khan, T
2000Investment Risk AppraisalSerguieva, A; Hunter, J
2008A mixed-game agent-based model of financial contagionCaporale, GM; Serguieva, A; Wu, H
2014Nature inspired computational intelligence for financial contagion modellingLiu, Fang
2002A neuro-fuzzy-evolutionary classifier of low-risk investmentsKalganova, T; Serguieva, A
2001Soft computing in investment appraisalSerguieva, A; Hunter, J; Kalganova, T