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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Bose-Einstein condensation in random directed networksSotolongo-Costa, O; Rodgers, G J
2010Complex networksRodgers, G J; Nagao, T
1997Eigenvalue distribution of large dilute random matricesRodgers, G J; Khorunzhy, A
2004Growth and Coagulation in a Herding ModelRawal, S; Rodgers, G J
1999The hamming distance in the minority gameD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, G J
2006Network properties of written human languageMasucci, A P; Rodgers, G J
2002Packet transport on scale free networksTadic, B; Rodgers, G J
2007Preferential Behaviour and Scaling in Diffusive Dynamics on NetworksKujawski, B; Tadic, B; Rodgers, G J
2004Universal features of network topologyAustin, K; Rodgers, G J