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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Changes in non-invasive wave intensity parameters with variations of Savitzky-Golay filter settingsPomella, N; Rakobowchuk, M; Kolyva, C; Khir, AW
2016Circulating microvesicles: responses to exercise and heat stress, and their impact upon human endothelial cellsWilhelm Neto, Eurico Nestor
2017Common carotid artery diameter, blood flow velocity and wave intensity responses at rest and during exercise in young healthy humans – A reproducibility studyPomella, N; Wilhelm, EN; Kolyva, C; González-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Khir, AW
2016Exercise intensity modulates the appearance of circulating microvesicles with pro-angiogenic potential upon endothelial cells.Wilhelm, EN; González-Alonso, J; Parris, C; Rakobowchuk, M
2012Heavy and moderate interval exercise training alters low-flow-mediated constriction but does not increase circulating progenitor cells in healthy humansRakobowchuk, M; Harris, E; Taylor, A; Baliga, V; Cubbon, RM; Rossiter, HB; Birch, KM
2010Human exercise-induced circulating progenitor cell mobilization is nitric oxide-dependent and is blunted in South Asian menCubbon, RM; Murgatroyd, SR; Ferguson, C; Bowen, TS; Rakobowchuk, M; Baliga, V; Cannon, D; Rajwani, A; Abbas, A; Kahn, M; Birch, KM; Porter, KE; Wheatcroft, SB; Rossiter, HB; Kearney, MT
2014Limb tissue haemodynamic responses and regulation in the heat-stressed human: role of local vs. central thermosensitive mechanisms at rest and during small muscle mass exerciseChiesa, Scott Thomas
2015Local temperature-sensitive mechanisms are important mediators of limb tissue hyperemia in the heat-stressed human at rest and during small muscle mass exercise.Chiesa, ST; Trangmar, SJ; Kalsi, KK; Rakobowchuk, M; Banker, DS; Lotlikar, MD; Ali, L; González-Alonso, J
2013Moderate and heavy metabolic stress interval training improve arterial stiffness and heart rate dynamics in humansRakobowchuk, M; Harris, E; Taylor, A; Cubbon, RM; Birch, KM
2013Prolonged low flow reduces reactive hyperemia and augments low flow mediated constriction in the brachial artery independent of the menstrual cycleRakobowchuk, M; Parsloe, ER; Gibbins, SE; Harris, E; Birch, KM
2014Restoring Akt1 activity in outgrowth endothelial cells from south asian men rescues vascular reparative potentialCubbon, RM; Yuldasheva, NY; Viswambharan, H; Mercer, BN; Baliga, V; Stephen, SL; Askham, J; Sukumar, P; Skromna, A; Mughal, RS; Walker, AMN; Bruns, A; Bailey, MA; Galloway, S; Imrie, H; Gage, MC; Rakobowchuk, M; Li, J; Porter, KE; Ponnambalam, S; Wheatcroft, SB; Beech, DJ; Kearney, MT
2014The role of prostaglandin and antioxidant availability in recovery from forearm ischemia-reperfusion injury in humansCarter, SE; Faulkner, A; Rakobowchuk, M
2008Similar metabolic adaptations during exercise after low volume sprint interval and traditional endurance training in humansBurgomaster, KA; Howarth, KR; Phillips, SM; Rakobowchuk, M; MacDonald, MJ; McGee, SL; Gibala, MJ
2014Sprint interval and sprint continuous training increases circulating CD34+ cells and cardio-respiratory fitness in young healthy womenHarris, E; Rakobowchuk, M; Birch, KM
2017Whole-body heat stress and exercise stimulate the appearance of platelet microvesicles in plasma with limited influence of vascular shear stressGonzález-Alonso, J; Chiesa, ST; Trangmar, SJ; Kalsi, KK; Rakobowchuk, M