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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An approximate model for cancellous bone screw fixationBrown, CJ; Sinclair, RA; Day, A; Hess, B; Procter, P
2014Early tissue responses to zoledronate, locally delivered by bone screw, into a compromised cancellous bone site: a pilot studyArnoldi, J; Alves, A; Procter, P
2016Enhancing screw fixation in poor bone quality, an unmet clinical needProcter, P; Brown, CJ
2012Finite element modelling of screw fixation in augmented and non-augmented cancellous boneBennani Kamane, Philippe
2015Variability of the pullout strength of cancellous bone screws with cement augmentationProcter, P; Bennani, P; Brown, CJ; Arnoldi, J; Pioletti, DP; Larsson, S