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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Assessing assessmentPiper, CD
1999Barriers to seeing and hearing children in private law proceedingsPiper, CD
1999Changing divorcePiper, CD; Day Sclater, S
2003A child’s right to veto in England and Russia – Another welfare ploy?Piper, CD; Miachichev, A
1999The crime and disorder act 1998: Child and community 'safety'Piper, CD
1999Divorce and domestic violenceKaganas, F; Piper, CD
1996Divorce reform and the image of the childPiper, CD
2012Educational opportunities for Malaysian child and young offenders: Realizing children's rights or rehabilitating offendersMd Taib, Rosfizah
2011The English riots and tough sentencingPiper, CD
1999The family law act 1996 in contextDay Sclater, S; Piper, CD
2015Fixed penalties for careless driving: the delusion of deterrence?Piper, CD; Easton, S
2001Grandparents and contact: 'rights v welfare' revisitedKaganas, F; Piper, CD
2000Historical Conceptions of Childhood Innocence: Removing SexualityPiper, CD
1999How do you define a family lawyer?Piper, CD
2012How effective is non-custodial sentencing in achieving compliance with road traffic law?Piper, CD; Easton, S
2012Parent abuse: Can law be the answer?Piper, CD; Hunter, C
2006A penological critique of Christian and Islamic justifications of capital punishmentChehata, Hanan
2010Re L (A child) (Contact: Domestic violence): Commentary by Christine Piper, Judgement by Felicity KaganasPiper, CD; Kaganas, F
2007Response to the Home Office Consultation (2006) on 'Making Sentencing Clearer'Easton, S; Piper, CD
2002Shared parenting: A 70% solution?Kaganas, F; Piper, CD