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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Customized television: Standards compliant advanced digital televisionBais, M; Cosmas, J; Dosch, C; Engelsberg, A; Erk, A; Hansen, PS; Healey, P; Klungsoeyr, GK; Mies, R; Ohn, JR; Paker, Y; Pearmain, A; Pedersen, L; Sandvand, A; Schaefer, R; Schoonjans, P; Stamnitz, P
2000Mobile Audiovisual Terminal: System Design and Subjective Testing in DECT and UMTS networksGill, D; Cosmas, J; Pearmain, A
1998Parallel H.263 Encoder in Normal Coding ModeCosmas, J; Paker, Y; Pearmain, A