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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analysis of DVB-H network coverage with the application of transmit diversityZhang, Y; Zhang, CH; Cosmas, J; Loo, KK; Owens, T; Bari, RD; Lostenlan, Y; Bard, M
2005Characterisation of real GPRS traffic with analytical toolsLu, Z; Yang, Y; Song, Y H; Owens, T
2008Deliverable 6.1: Radio spectrum, traffic engineering and resource managementOwens, T; Zhang, C; Itagaki, T; Outters, J; Lauterjung, J; Martucci, M; Bouquet, D; Mazieres, B; Prudent, J; Christ, P; Gaspard, I; Ritscher, S; Zimmermann, G; Christ, P
2016Digital TV Accessibility - analogue switch off in Europe and AfricaItagaki, T; Owens, T; Orero, P
2012Fully-photonic digital radio over fibre for future super-broadband access network applicationsAbdollahi, Seyedreza
2013Investigation of routing reliability of vehicular ad hoc networksEiza, MH; Ni, Q; Owens, T; Min, G
2010Mobility management across converged IP-based heterogeneous access networksMussabbir, Qazi Bouland
2014Secure multi-constrained QoS reliable routing algorithm for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs)Hashem Eiza, Mahmoud
2009Towards a reliable seamless mobility support in heterogeneous IP networksKhan, Shoaib
2011Validating digital forensic evidenceShanmugam, Karthikeyan