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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Automatic classification of digital communication signal modulationsZhu, Zhechen
2014Comprehensive analysis of forty yeast microarray datasets reveals a novel subset of genes (APha-RiB) consistently negatively associated with ribosome biogenesisAbu-Jamous, B; Fa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK
-Compressive sensing strategy for classification of bearing faultsAhmed, HOA; Wong, MLD; Nandi, AK
2016Distinct gene expression program dynamics during erythropoiesis from human induced pluripotent stem cells compared with adult and cord blood progenitorsMerryweather-Clarke, AT; Tipping, AJ; Lamikanra, AA; Fa, R; Abu-Jamous, B; Tsang, HP; Carpenter, L; Robson, KJH; Nandi, AK; Roberts, DJ
2014Dual-layer network representation exploiting information characterizationBernardinis, VD; Fa, R; Carli, M; Nandi, AK
2017Effect of explicit evaluation on neural connectivity related to listening to unfamiliar musicNandi, AK; Liu, C; Brattico, E; Abu-Jamous, B; Pereira, C; Jacobsen, T
2011Global gene expression analysis of human erythroid progenitorsMerryweather-Clarke, AT; Atzberger, A; Soneji, S; Gray, N; Clark, K; Waugh, C; McGowan, SJ; Taylor, S; Nandi, AK; Wood, WG; Roberts, DJ; Higgs, DR; Buckle, VJ; Robson, KJH
2016Hardware-efficient frequency offset and phase noise mitigation in coherent optical quadrature amplitude modulation systemsAbrar, S; Zerguine, A; Nandi, AK
2017In vitro downregulated hypoxia transcriptome is associated with poor prognosis in breast cancerAbu-Jamous, B; Buffa, FM; Harris, AL; Nandi, AK
2016Mutli-features Predction of Protein Translational Modification SitesNandi, AK; Bao, W; Yuan, C-A; Zhang, Y; Han, K; Honig, B; Huang, D-S
2014Newton-like minimum entropy equalization algorithm for APSK systemsAli, A; Abrar, S; Zerguine, A; Nandi, AK
2014Noise resistant generalized parametric validity index of clustering for gene expression dataFa, R; Nandi, AK
2013Paradigm of tunable clustering using binarization of consensus partition matrices (Bi-CoPaM) for gene discoveryAbu-Jamous, B; Fa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK
2016Performance analysis of a family of adaptive blind equalization algorithms for square-QAMAzim, AW; Abrar, S; Zerguine, A; Nandi, AK
2014Smart: Unique splitting-while-merging framework for gene clusteringFa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK
2014SMART: Unique splitting-while-merging framework for gene clusteringFa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK
2015Steady-state performance of multimodulus blind equalizersAzim, AW; Abrar, S; Zerguine, A; Nandi, AK
2016Survey on cardiotocography feature extraction algorithms for foetal welfare assessmentHaritopoulos, M; Illanes, A; Nandi, AK
2015Two-band fast Hartley transformSkodras, AN; Aburdene, MF; Nandi, AK
2015UNCLES: Method for the identification of genes differentially consistently co-expressed in a specific subset of datasetsAbu-Jamous, B; Fa, R; Roberts, DJ; Nandi, AK