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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Considerations on the effect of solutal on the grain size of castings from superheated meltsNadendla, H
2016The effect of post-grinding heat treatment of alumina and Ag-Cu-Ti braze preform thickness on the microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina-to-alumina brazed jointsKassam, TA; Nadendla, H; Ludford, N; Buisman, I
2016Effects of a Niobium-Boron grain refiner on undercooling and microstructural evolution of aluminium silicon alloysLloyd, Samuel Jordan
2017The effects of Alumina purity, TICUSIL® braze preform thicknesss and post-grinding heat treatment on the microstructure, mechanical and nanomechanical properties of Alumina-to-Alumina brazed jointsKassam, Tahsin Ali
2016Formation of equiaxed crystal structures in directionally solidified Al-Si alloys using Nb-based heterogeneous nucleiBolzoni, L; Xia, M; Nadendla, H
2016Grain refinement in aluminium containing magnesium alloysJoshi, Utsavi Mukeshbhai
2016The grain refinement potency of bismuth in magnesiumNadendla, H; Jishi, U
2017Influence of Cu on modifying the beta phase and enhancing the mechanical properties of recycled Al-Si-Fe cast alloysBasak, C; Nadendla, H
2017Microstructural evolution in infiltration-growth processed MgB2 bulk superconductorsBhagurkar, AG; Yamamoto, A; Dennis, AR; Durrell, JH; Aljohani, TA; Nadendla, H; Cardwell, DA
2016Nb-based heterogeneous nuclei for enhanced ╬▒-Mg nucleation in Mg(-Al) alloysNadendla, H; Bolzoni, L; Joshi, U
2017Particle-induced morphological modification of Al alloy equiaxed dendrites revealed by sub-second in situ microtomographyDaudin, R; Terzi, S; Lhuissier, P; Tamayo, J; Scheel, M; Nadendla, H; Eskin, D; Salvo, L
2017Processing of MgB2 bulk superconductor by infiltration and growthBhagurkar, Ashutosh
May-2019Refinement of Mg alloys crystal structure via Nb-based heterogeneous substrates for improved performancesBolzoni, L; Joshi, U; Alain, R; Garetto, D; Nadendla, H