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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Banking performance and industry growth in an oil-rich economy: Evidence from QatarMirzaei, A; Moore, T
2009Can the persistence of a currency crisis be explained by fundamentals? Markov switching models for exchange market pressureMoore, T; Wang, P
2010A critical appraisal of McKinnon's complementarity hypothesis: Does the real rate of return on money matter for investment in developing countries?Moore, T
2009A critical appraisal of McKinnon’s complementary hypothesis: Does the real rate of return on money matter for investment in developing countries?Moore, T
2009The determinants of vulnerability to crisis: Country-specific factors versus regional factorsWang, P; Moore, T
2014The determinants of vulnerability to currency crises: country-specific factors versus regional factorsWang, P; Moore, T
2011Does market structure matter on banks' profitability and stability? Emerging versus advanced economiesMirzaei, A; Liu, G; Moore, T
2014Dynamic linkage between real exchange rates and stock prices: Evidence from developed and emerging Asian marketsMoore, T; Wang, P
2017Essays on efficiency, stability, governance, and regulations in financial institutionsShaddady, Ali
2006Financial liberalisation in India and a new test of the complementarity hypothesisPentecost, E J; Moore, T
2006Financial sector reforms and stochastic policy simulations: A flow of funds model for IndiaMoore, T; Green, CJ; Murinde, V
2007Foreign capital in a growth modelMallick, S; Moore, T
2014The impact of the global financial crisis on industry growthMoore, T; Mirzaei, A
2005Impact of World Bank lending in an adjustment-led growth modelMallick, S; Moore, T
2012The integration of the credit default swap markets during the US subprime crisis: Dynamic correlation analysisMoore, T
2012An international study of bank performance: from the perspective of sustainability and externalityMirzaei, Ali
2006An investigation into the sources of fluctuation in real and nominal wage rates in eight EU countries: A structural VAR approachMoore, T; Pentecost, E J
2009Large firms and soft budget constraints for transition economiesMoore, T
2016Real effect of bank efficiency: Evidence from disaggregated manufacturing sectorsMirzaei, A; Moore, T
2008Stock market integration for the transition economies: Time-varying conditional correlation approachMoore, T