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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Application of exhaust gas fuel reforming in diesel and homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines fuelled with biofuelsMegaritis, A; Yap, D
2017Combustion of Ligaments and Droplets Expelled after the End of Injection in a Multi-hole Diesel InjectorPos, R; Avulapati, M; Wardle, R; Cracknell, R; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
2008Diesel exhaust-gas reforming for H2 addition to an aftertreatment unitAbu-Jrai, A; Tsolakis, A; Theinnoi, K; Megaritis, A; Golunski, SE
2014The effect of reformer gas mixture on the performance and emissions of an HSDI diesel engineChristodoulou, F; Megaritis, A
2014Experimental investigation of the effects of simultaneous hydrogen and nitrogen addition on the emissions and combustion of a diesel engineMegaritis, A
2017Experimental investigations of anhydrous and wet ethanol combustion in a spark iginition engineMetzka Lanzanova, Thompson Diordinis
2013Inert-droplet and combustion effects on turbulence in a diluted diffusion flameXia, J; Zhao, H; Megaritis, A; Luo, KH; Cairns, A; Ganippa, LC
-Modeling temperature distribution inside an emulsion fuel droplet under convective heating: A key to predicting microexplosion and puffingShinjo, J; Xia, J; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, LC; Cracknell, RF
2009Performance, combustion and emissions of a diesel engine operated with reformed EGR. Comparison of diesel and GTL fuellingAbu-Jrai, A; Rodriguez-Fernandez, J; Tsolakis, A; Megaritis, A; Theinnoi, K; Cracknell, RF; Clark, RH
2014Physics of puffing and microexplosion of emulsion fuel dropletsShinjo, J; Xia, J; Ganippa, LC; Megaritis, A
2016Puffing and micro-explosion of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blendsAvulapati, MM; GANIPPA, LC; Xia, J; Megaritis, A
2016Puffing-enhanced fuel/air mixing of an evaporating n-decane/ethanol emulsion droplet and a droplet group under convective heatingShinjo, J; Xia, J; Ganippa, LC; Megaritis, A
2016Spatio-temporal evolution of diesel sparys using high speed optical diagnosticsPos, Radboud