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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Accreditation of practice educators: An expectation too far ?Craik, C; McIntyre, A; Gallagher, M
2012Awareness, requirements and barriers to use of Assistive Technology designed to enable independence of people suffering from Dementia (ATD)van den Heuvel, EA; Jowitt, F; McIntyre, A
2016How are service users instructed to measure home furniture for provision of minor assistive devices?Atwal, A; Paraskevopoulos, I; Spiliotopoulou, G; Money, A; McIntyre, A
2016A meta-review of stress, coping and interventions in dementia and dementia caregivingGilhooly, KJ; Gilhooly, MLM; Sullivan, MP; McIntyre, A; Wilson, L; Harding, E; Woodbridge, R; Crutch, S
2008Occupational therapists' perceptions of predischarge home assessments with older adults in acute careAtwal, A; McIntyre, A; Craik, C; Hunt, J
2007Older adults and carers' perceptions of pre-discharge occupational therapy home visits in acute careAtwal, A; McIntyre, A; Craik, C; Hunt, J
2007Older adults experiences of rehabilitation in acute health careAtwal, A; Taterall, K; Murphy, S; Davenport, N; Craik, C; Caldwell, K; McIntyre, A
2007Two steps forward, one step back? A commentary on the disease-specific core sets of the international classification of functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)Tempest, S; McIntyre, A
2017The use of evidence-based guidance to enable reliable and accurate measurements of the home environmentSpiliotopoulou, G; Atwal, A; McIntyre, A
2016Use of the physical environment to support everyday activities for people with dementia: A systematic reviewWoodbridge, R; Sullivan, M; Harding, E; Crutch, S; Gilhooly, K; Gilhooly, M; McIntyre, A; Wilson, L
2006Using the ICF to clarify team roles and demonstrate clinical reasoning in stroke rehabilitationTempest, S; McIntyre, A