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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bicriteria scheduling of a two-machine flowshop with sequence-dependent setup timesMansouri, SA; Hendizadeh, SH; Salmasi, N
2011Centralised Versus Market-Based Control Under Environment Uncertainty: Case of the Mobile Task Allocation Problem (MTAP)Al-Yafi, K; Lee, H; Mansouri, SA
2016Collaborative relationships between logistics service providers and humanitarian organizations during disaster relief operationsBeallt, J; Fernández Barrera, JC; Mansouri, SA
2012Decision support for build-to-order supply chain management through multiobjective optimizationMansouri, SA; Gallear, D; Askariazad, MH
2016From disaster to development: A systematic review of community-driven humanitarian logisticsBealt, J; Mansouri, SA
2016Green scheduling of a two-machine flowshop:Trade-off between makespan and energy consumptionMansouri, SA; Aktas, E; Besikci, U
2016Humanitarian logistics network design under mixed uncertaintyTofighi, S; Torabi, SA; Mansouri, SA
2017A hybrid decision support system for managing humanitarian relief chainsSahebjamnia, N; Torabi, SA; Mansouri, SA
2017Improving demand forecasting in the air cargo handling industry: A case studyMagana Olmos, , U; Mansouri, SA; Spiegler, VLM
2015Increasing environmental sustainability by optimizing vessel speed in liner shippingAydin, N; Mansouri, SA; Lee, H
2015Integrated business continuity and disaster recovery planning: Towards organizational resilienceSahebjamnia, N; Torabi, SA; Mansouri, SA
2016Is lean service promising? A socio-technical perspectiveHadid, W; Mansouri, SA; Gallear, D
2016Minimizing energy consumption and makespan in a two-machine flowshop scheduling problemMansouri, SA; Aktas, E
2016The relationship between green supply chain management and performance: A meta-analysis of empirical evidences in Asian emerging economiesGeng, R; Mansouri, SA; Aktas, E
2017The role of Guanxi in green supply chain management in Asia's emerging economies: A conceptual frameworkGeng, R; Mansouri, SA; Aktas, E; Yen, D
2012Search based software engineering: Trends, techniques and applicationsHarman, M; Mansouri, SA; Zhang, Y
2016Speed optimization and bunkering in liner shipping in the presence of uncertain service times and time windows at portsAydin, N; Lee, H; Mansouri, SA
2011Stakeholder engagement: Defining strategic advantage for sustainable constructionRodriguez‐Melo A; Mansouri, SA