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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Design of ultraprecision machine tools with application to manufacturing of miniature and micro componentsLuo, X; Cheng, K; Webb, D; Wardle, F
2016An effective scheme for QoS estimation via alternating direction method-based matrix factorizationLuo, X; Zhou, M; Wang, Z; Xia, Y; Zhu, Q
2005The effects of machining process variables and tooling characterisation on the surface generation: modelling, simulation and application promiseLuo, X; Cheng, K; Ward, R
2017Experimental investigation on power generation with low grade waste heat and CO<inf>2</inf>transcritical power cycleLi, L; Ge, Y; Luo, X; Tassou, SA
2003An investigation on the mechanics of nanometric cutting and the development of its test-bedLuo, X; Cheng, K; Guo, XJ; Holt, R
2003Modelling and simulation on the tool wear in nanometric cuttingCheng, K; Luo, X; Holt, R
2005Modelling flan wear of carbide tool insert in metal cuttingLuo, X; Cheng, K; Holt, R; Liu, X
2017Modelling of plate heat exchangers and their associated CO2 trancritical power generation systemGe, Y; Li, L; Luo, X; Tassou, S
2017Performance evaluation of a low-grade power generation system with CO<inf>2</inf> transcritical power cyclesGe, YT; Li, L; Luo, X; Tassou, SA
2005A simulated investigation on the machining instability and dynamic surface generationLuo, X K; Cheng, K; Luo, X
2016Thermodynamic analysis and comparison between CO<inf>2</inf> transcritical power cycles and R245fa organic Rankine cycles for low grade heat to power energy conversionLi, L; Ge, YT; Luo, X; Tassou, SA