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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysing the health effects of simultaneous exposure to physical and chemical properties of airborne particlesPirani, M; Best, N; Blangiardo, M; Liverani, S; Atkinson, RW; Fuller, GW
2016Bayesian Selection of Graphical Regulatory ModelsLiverani, S; Smith, JQ
2009Efficient utility-based clustering over high dimensional partition spacesLiverani, S; Anderson, PE; Edwards, KD; Millar, AJ; Smith, JQ
2006Entropy based adaptive particle filterLiverani, S; Papavasiliou, A
2017Metabolic profiling identifies trehalose as an abundant and diurnally fluctuating metabolite in the microalga Ostreococcus tauriLiverani, S; Mahlow, S; Bouget, FY; Pohnert, G; Sasso, S
2015Modeling spatial effects of PM2.5 on term low birth weight in Los Angeles CountyCoker, E; Ghosh, J; Jerrett, M; Gomez-Rubio, V; Beckerman, B; Cockburn, M; Liverani, S; Su, J; Li, A; Kile, ML; Ritz, B; Molitor, J
2016Modelling collinear and spatially correlated dataLiverani, S; Lavigne, A; Blangiardo, M
2016Multi-pollutant exposure profiles associated with term low birth weight in Los Angeles CountyCoker, E; Liverani, S; Ghosh, JK; Jerrett, M; Beckerman, B; Li, A; Ritz, B; Molitor, J
2016A multidimensional analysis of the effect of occupational exposure to organic solvents on lung cancer risk: The ICARE studyMattei, F; Liverani, S; Guida, F; Matrat, M; Cenee, S; Sanchez, M; Luce, D; Richardson, S; Stucker, I; Icare Study Group
2010Orchestrated transcription of biological processes in the marine picoeukaryote Ostreococcus exposed to light/dark cyclesMonnier, A; Liverani, S; Bouvet, R; Jesson, B; Smith, JQ; Mosser, J; Corellou, F; Bouget, FY
2015Premium: An R package for profile regression mixture models using dirichlet processesLiverani, S; Hastie, DI; Azizi, L; Papathomas, M; Richardson, S
2014Sampling from Dirichlet process mixture models with unknown concentration parameter: mixing issues in large data implementationsHastie, DI; Liverani, S; Richardson, S
2013A semi-parametric approach to estimate risk functions associated with multi-dimensional exposure profiles: application to smoking and lung cancerHastie, DI; Liverani, S; Azizi, L; Richardson, S; Stücker, I
2016A space-time multivariate Bayesian model to analyse road traffic accidents by severityBoulieri, A; Liverani, S; de Hoogh, K; Blangiardo, M