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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparative study of broadcasting antenna array optimization using evolutionary algorithmsLazaridis, PI; Tziris, E; Zaharis, ZD; Xenos, T; Holmes, V; Cosmas, JP; Glover, I
2016Comparison of evolutionary algorithms for LPDA antenna optimizationLazaridis, PI; Tziris, EN; Zaharis, ZD; Xenos, TD; Cosmas, JP; Gallion, PB; Holmes, V; Glover, IA
2013Design of a Novel Antenna Array Beamformer Using Neural Networks Trained by Modified Adaptive Dispersion Invasive Weed Optimization Based DataZaharis, ZD; Skeberis, C; Xenos, TD; Lazaridis, PI; Cosmas, J
2015Direct and external intensity modulation in OFDM RoF linksKhwandah, SA; Cosmas, JP; Glover, IA; Lazaridis, PI; Prasad, NR; Zaharis, ZD
2013Precise foreground detection algorithm using motion estimation, minima and maxima inside the foreground objectNawaz, M; Cosmas, J; Lazaridis, PI; Zaharis, ZD; Zhang, Y; Mohib, H
2014Synthesis of a near-optimal high-gain antenna array with main lobe tilting and null filling using Taguchi initialized invasive weed optimizationZaharis, ZD; Lazaridis, PI; Cosmas, J; Skeberis, C; Xenos, TD