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2012Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound relative to surgical staging in potentially resectable lung cancer: results from the ASTER randomised controlled trialSharples, LD; Jackson, C; Wheaton, E; Griffith, G; Annema, JT; Dooms, C; Tournoy, KG; Deschepper, E; Hughes, V; Magee, L; Buxton, M; Rintoul, RC
2015Developing an intervention to facilitate family communication about inherited genetic conditions, and training genetic counsellors in its delivery.Socio-Psychological Research in Genomics (SPRinG) Collaboration:; Eisler, I; Ellison, M; Flinter, F; Grey, J; Hutchison, S; Jackson, C; Longworth, L; MacLeod, R; McAllister, M; Metcalfe, A; Murrells, T; Patch, C; Pritchard, S; Robert, G; Rowland, E; Ulph, F