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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Auditing and property rightsIossa, E; Legros, P
2002Building and managing facilities for public servicesBennett, J; Iossa, E
2000Competition Among Universities and the Emergence of the Elite InstitutionDe Frajay, G; Iossa, E
2004Contracting Out Public Service Provision to Non-for-profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2005Contracting Out Public Service Provision to Not-for-Profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2010Contracting out public service provision to not-for-profit firmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2009Contracts as threats: On a rationale for rewarding A while hoping for BIossa, E; Spagnolo, G
2009Crowding out public service motivationGeorgellis, Y; Iossa, E; Tabvuma, V
2002Decision rules and information provision: monitoring versus manipulationIossa, E; Palumbo, G
2005Delegation of Contracting in the Private Provision of Public ServicesBennett, J; Iossa, E
2003The InveCommercial Activity as Insurance: The Investment Behaviour of Non-Profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E; Legrenzi, G
2010Investigation into intrinsic motivation and reputational concerns in the public sectorTabvuma, Vurain
2000Lender Liability in the Consumer Credit MarketIossa, E; Palumbo, G
2007The market for lawyers: The value of information on the quality of legal servicesIossa, E; Jullien, B
2001Measuring consumer detriment under conditions of imperfect informationHunter, J; Ioannidis, C; Iossa, E; Skerratt, L
2008Optimism and lender liability in the consumer credit marketIossa, E; Palumbo, G
2004Price Cap, Revenue Sharing and Information AcquisitionIossa, E; Stoffolini, F
2006Reputational concerns and bias in arbitrationIossa, E; Palumbo, G
2007Reputational concerns in arbitration: Decision bias and information acquisitionIossa, E
2009The simple micro-economics of public-private partnershipsIossa, E; Martimort, D