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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014British newspapers, space and the migrant 'jungles' of CalaisHowarth, A; Ibrahim, Y
2017Communicating the ‘Migrant’ Other as Risk: Space, EU and Expanding BordersIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2016Constructing the eastern european other: The horsemeat scandal and the migrant otherIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2016Contamination, deception and ‘othering’: The media framing of the horsemeat scandalIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2017Expanding borders, contracting humanitarianismIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2015Exploring a curatorial turn in journalismHowarth, A
2016Food Banks: A lens on the hungry bodyHowarth, A
2014Governing risks and benefits: mobile communication technologies in British universitiesHowarth, A; Martinez, GF
2015Hunger Hurts: The politics of an austerity food blogHowarth, A
2016Imaging the jungles of Calais: Media visuality and the refugee campIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2016Imagining a hunger strike: Guantanamo 2013Howarth, A
2013Making sense of British newspaper campaignsHowarth, A
2013MCTs and universities: new risks, new visibilities and new vulnerabilitiesHowarth, A
2014The non-human interest story: De-personalising the migrantHowarth, A; Ibrahim, Y
2012Participatory politics, environmental journalism and newspaper campaignsHowarth, A
2015Preface to special issue on the e-politics of food: From online campaigning to food pornHowarth, A
2015Sounds of the jungle: Re-humanizing the migrantHowarth, A; Ibrahim, Y
2014Sounds of the Jungle: Restoring the migrant voice on new mediaIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2015Space and the migrant camps of Calais: Space-making at the marginsHowarth, A; Ibrahim, Y
2015Space construction in media reporting: A study of the migrant space in the 'Jungles' of CalaisIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A