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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Conceptual design of a nonscaling fixed field alternating gradient accelerator for protons and carbon ions for charged particle therapyAslaninejad, M; Barlow, RJ; Beard, CD; Bliss, N; Cobb, JH; Easton, MJ; Edgecock, TR; Fenning, R; Gardner, ISK; Hill, MA; Owen, HL; Johnstone, CJ; Jones, B; Jones, T; Kelliher, DJ; Khan, A; Machida, S; McIntosh, PA; Pattalwar, S; Pasternak, J; Pozimski, J; Prior, CR; Rochford, J; Rogers, CT; Seviour, R; Sheehy, SL; Smith, SL; Strachan, J; Tygier, S; Vojnovic, B; Wilson, P; Witte, H; Yokoi, T
2007Effect of linear energy transfer (LET) on complexity of alpha-particle-induced chromosome aberrations in human CD34+ cells.Anderson, RM; Stevens, DL; Sumption, ND; Tounsend, KMS; Goodhead, DT; Hill, MA
2013Reduced chromosome aberration complexity in normal human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to low-LET γ-rays and high-LET α-particlesThemis, M; Garimberti, E; Hill, MA; Anderson, RM
2013Relative proximity of chromosome territories influences chromosome exchange partners in radiation-induced chromosome rearrangements in primary human bronchial epithelial cellsFoster, HA; Estrada-Girona, G; Themis, M; Garimberti, E; Hill, MA; Bridger, JM; Anderson, RM