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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Active fault-tolerant control for an internet-based networked three-tank systemHe, X; Wang, Z; Qin, L; Zhou, D
2017A class of observer-based fault diagnosis schemes under closed-loop control: Performance evaluation and improvementLiu, Y; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, D
2017Detection, isolation and diagnosability analysis of intermittent faults in stochastic systemsYan, R; He, X; Wang, Z; Zhou, DH
2015Event-based H∞ consensus control of multi-agent systems with relative output feedback: The finite-horizon caseLiu, Q; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, DH
2015Event-based recursive distributed filtering over wireless sensor networksLiu, Q; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, DH
2016Event-triggered filtering and fault estimation for nonlinear systems with stochastic sensor saturationsLiu, Y; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, DH
2015Filtering and fault detection for nonlinear systems with polynomial approximationLiu, Y; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, DH
2009Filtering for networked stochastic time-delay systems with sector nonlinearityWei, G; Wang, Z; He, X; Shu, H
2015Fuzzy-logic-based control, filtering, and fault detection for networked systems: A SurveyQuqiang, L; Wang, Z; Wei, G; Shen, B; He, X; Dong, H; Hu, J
2016H∞ filtering for non-linear systems with stochastic sensor saturations and Markov time delays: The asymptotic stability in probabilityLiu, Y; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, D
2014Mathematical control of complex systems 2013Wang, Z; Karimi, HR; Shen, B; Hu, J; Dong, H; He, X
2016Minimum-variance recursive filtering over sensor networks with stochastic sensor gain degradation: Algorithms and performance analysisLiu, Y; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, DH
2015Networked systems with incomplete informationWang, Z; Shen, B; Dong, H; He, X; Hu, J
2017A Resilient Approach to Distributed Filter Design for Time-Varying Systems under Stochastic Nonlinearities and Sensor DegradationLiu, Q; Wang, Z; He, X; Ghinea, G; Alsaadi, FE
2009Robust fault detection for networked systems with communication delay and data missingHe, X; Wang, Z; Zhou, DH
2011Robust fault detection for networked systems with distributed sensorsHe, X; Wang, Z; Ji, YD; Zhou, DH
2007Robust H∞ filtering for networked systems with multiple state delaysHe, X; Wang, Z; Zhou, D
2009Robust H∞ filtering for time-delay systems with probabilistic sensor faultsHe, X; Wang, Z; Zhou, D
2017The seismic performance of end-perforated RC frame beams strengthened with CFRP sheetsShu, Q; Yuan, G; Huang, Z; Lu, L; He, X