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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Distributed data mining in grid computing environmentsLuo, P; Lü, K; Shi, Z; He, Q
2016Environmental regulations, innovation and firm performance: A revisit of the porter hypothesisRamanathan, R; He, Q; Black, A; Ghobadian, A; Gallear, D
2006A heterogeneous computing system for data mining workflowsLuo, P; Lü, K; He, Q; Shi, Z
2006A heterogeneous computing system for data mining workflows in multi-agent environmentsLuo, P; Lü, K; Huang, R; He, Q; Shi, Z
2013Knowledge acquisition in supply chain partnerships: The role of powerHe, Q; Ghobadian, A; Gallear, D
2014The mediating effect of environmental and ethical behaviour on supply chain partnership decisions and management appreciation of supplier partnership risksGallear, D; Ghobadian, A; He, Q
2007On defining partition entropy by inequalitiesLuo, P; Zhan, G; He, Q; Shi, Z; Lü, K
2016Second-life retailing: a reverse supply chain perspectiveBeh, LS; Ghobadian, A; He, Q; Gallear, D; O Regan, N
2016Towards conceptualizing reverse service supply chainsHe, Q; Ghobadian, A; Gallear, D; Beh, LS; O Regan, N