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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adaptable service-system design: an analysis of Shariah finance in PakistanUllah, Karim
2008Constructing and sustaining competitive interorganizational knowledge networks: An analysis of managerial web-based facilitationHackney, R; Desouza, KC; Irani, Z
2014Constructing the cultural repertoire in a natural disaster: The role of social media in the Thailand flood of 2011Mao, M; Pan, SL; Hackney, R; Ractham, P; Kaewkitipong, L
2008Designing information systems requirements in context: Insights from the theory of deferred actionPatel, NV; Hackney, R
2011e-Government awareness among the techno-disadvantaged in the United StatesWard, BT; Connolly, R; Hackney, R
2016Emergent digital era governance: Enacting the role of the ‘institutional entrepreneur’ in transformational changeTassabehj, R; Hackney, R; Popovic, A
2006Evaluating eREVERSE auctions (EeRA): A research noteIrani, Z; Elliman, T; Hackney, R
2013Exploring organisational learning and knowledge management factors underlying innovation effectivenessMok, Wee Piak
2010Factors impacting knowledge transfer success in information systems outsourcingAl-Salti, Z; Hackney, R; Ozkan, S
2016The impact of big data analytics on firms’ high value business performancePopovic, A; Hackney, R; Tassabehji, R; Castelli, M
2011An investigation of knowledge transfer in information systems (IS) outsourcingAl-Salti, Zahran
2013Learning process analysis of absorptive capacity on organisational innovation: the influence of leadership stylesRezaei Zadeh, Mohammad
2007Organizational knowledge transfer through creation, mobilization and diffusion: A case analysis of InTouch within SchlumbergerBraganza, A; Hackney, R; Tanudjojo, S
2008Strategies, contributions and inhibitors of information systems to organizational competitiveness: An empirical analysis within the CaribbeanLouis, S; Braganza, A; Hackney, R
2012Students’ perceptions of and loyalty towards internet banking: the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United KingdomAL-Ghamdi, Abdullah