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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Ascertainment of the truth in international criminal justiceBuisman, Caroline
2010Criminal justice in France after September 11: Has the balance between liberty and security been disturbed?Giannoulopoulos, D
2013Criminal justice without human rights? Remembering the past, and predicting the future, of police interrogation and the law of improperly obtained evidenceGiannoulopoulos, D
2013Custodial legal assistance and notification of the right to silence in France: Legal cosmopolitanism and local resistanceGiannoulopoulos, D
2007The exclusion of improperly obtained evidence in Greece: Putting constitutional rights firstGiannoulopoulos, D
2016Fair trial rights in the UK post Brexit: out with the Charter and EU law, in with the ECHR?Giannoulopoulos, D
2017"Falling on Deaf Ears": Looking for the Salduz Jurisprudence in GreeceGiannoulopoulos, D
2017FranceGiannoulopoulos, D; Parizot, R
2016The hidden dimension of Brexit: Brexiting EuropeReisberg, A; Giannoulopoulos, D
2010La vidéosurveillance au Royaume-Uni: la caméra omniprésente, signe d’une évolution vers une « société de surveillance » ? (CCTV in Great Britain: the omnipresent CCTV camera, sign of an evolution towards a “surveillance society” ?)Giannoulopoulos, D
2013The new landscape of suspects’ rights in Europe: Moving backwards in England and Wales?Giannoulopoulos, D
2013“North of the border and across the channel”: Custodial legal assistance reforms in Scotland and FranceGiannoulopoulos, D
2012The notification of the right to silence to police suspects in Greece and the need to harmonise Greek legislation with international and comparative lawGiannoulopoulos, D
2015The ratification and implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court by the Arab states: prospects and challengesElDeeb, Hossam
2013A Review of Renaud Colson’s and Stewart Field’s ‘The Transformation of Criminal Justice: Comparing France with England and Wales’Giannoulopoulos, D
2016Strasbourg jurisprudence, law reform and comparative law: A tale of the right to custodial legal assistance in five countriesGiannoulopoulos, D
2013Suspects' rights in custodial interrogation in France: Lessons for GreeceGiannoulopoulos, D
2012Suspects’ rights in custodial interrogation in Greece and France: Isolationism, legal cosmopolitanism and local resistanceGiannoulopoulos, D
2012The theory and practice of custodial interrogation in Greece (and their significance for French law on custodial interrogation)Giannoulopoulos, D