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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Body weight perceptions, obesity and health behaviours in JamaicaPearce, V; Dibb, B; Gaines, SO
2008Depression, anxiety, and within-person variability in adults aged 18 to 85 yearsBunce, D; Handley, R; Gaines, SO
2010The effects of perceived childrearing practice, adult attachment style, and endorsed cultural value on self-construalLin, Yu-Yi
2016Ethnic Speech and Ethnic Action as Ethnic Behavior I: Construction of the Brunel Ethnic Behavior Inventory (BEBI)Gaines, SO; Lefringhausen, K; Charura, D; Kangatharan, J; Singh, J; Tamimi, N
2016Ethnic speech and ethnic action as ethnic behavior: Part 1. Construction of the Brunel ethnic behavior inventoryGaines, SO; Lefringhausen, K; Charura, D; Kangatharan, J; Singh, J; Tamimi, N; Dieu, K; Giles, D; Knap, S; Towers-Evans, H; Zahara, S
2018Ethnicity, Culture, and Close RelationshipsGaines, SO; Hardin, DP
2010Evaluating the psychometric properties of the multigroup ethnic identity measure (MEIM) within the United KingdomGaines, SO; Bunce, D; Robertson, T; Wright, B
2014Evaluation of the inner wellbeing model in ZambiaGaines, SO
2015Heroes and villains of world history across culturesHanke, K; Liu, JH; Sibley, CG; Paez, D; Gaines, SO; Moloney, G; Leong, C-H; Wagner, W; Licata, L; Klein, O; Garber, I; Böhm, G; Hilton, DJ; Valchev, V; Khan, SS; Cabecinhas, R
2017Identity and interethnic marriage in the United StatesGaines, SO
2015Interethnic Marriage in the United States: An IntroductionGaines, SO; Clark, EM; Afful, SE
2012Modelling psychological responses to the great East Japan earthquake and nuclear incidentGoodwin, R; Takahashi, M; Sun, S; Gaines, SO
2017Narcissism and the strategic pursuit of short-term mating: Universal links across 11 world regions of the international sexuality description project-2Schmitt, DP; Alcalay, L; Allik, J; Alves, ICB; Anderson, CA; Angelini, AL; Asendorpf, JB; Austers, I; Balaguer, I; Baptista, A; Bender, SS; Bennett, K; Bianchi, G; Birashk, B; Bleske-Rechek, A; Boholst, FA; Boothroyd, L; Borja, T; Bos, A; Brainerd, E; Brase, GL; Brites, J; Burakova-Lorgnier, M; Byrd, M; Camilleri, JA; Ciani, AC; Caral, LGA; Carnelley, KB; Carvalho, M; Casson, J; Castillo, I; Castro, A; Casullo, M; Chirkov, VI; Choi, J; Cohen, D; Collin-Hansen, CA; Commisso, MA; Consuegra, E; Cordovez, L; Cukur, CS; Cunen, MAB; Cunningham, M; Curl, L; Daniel, P; Denissen, JJA; Desmarais, S; Desouza, E; Diaz-Loving, R; Elias, MS; Endriulaitiene, A; Eremsoy, E; Expósito, F; Falzon, R; Fernandez, AM; Fernando, K; Ferreira, JHBP; Fink, B; Fisher, M; Fitness, J; Flowers, K; Frederick, D; Fry, S; Fukushima, O; Gaines, SO; Galliher, RV; Gandari, E; Geher, G; Gentile, DA; Geri, JM; Giri, VN; Golden, D; Gordon, F; Gordon, KC; Grammer, K; Grimaldi, L; Giunta, S; Hajdú, E; Halberstadt, J; Hald, G; Halim, MS; Haque, S; Harlem, SK; Hearns, KA; Heaven, P; Helweg-Larsen, M; Herrera, E; Herrera, D; Hertel, J; Hoffmann, H; Høgh-Olesen, H; Houle, BJ; Hudek-Knezevic, J; Jaafar, J; Kafetsios, K; Kardum, I; Kennair, LEO; Khoury, B; Kökény, T; Koller, S
2014Perceptions of mixed-race: A study using an implicit indexWright, B; Olyedemi, M; Gaines, SO
2016Personality and Close Relationship ProcessesGaines, SO
2007Personality and personal relationship processes: An introductionGaines, SO
2007Personality and personal relationship processes: Concluding thoughtsGaines, SO
2017Positive Psychology, Close Relationship Processes, and Cultural DiversityGaines, SO; Ferenczi, N
2004Relationships beliefs and relationship quality across cultures: Country as a moderator of dysfunctional beliefs and relationship quality in three former Communist societiesGoodwin, R; Gaines, SO
2006Review of Understanding social psychology across culturesGaines, SO