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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014BCR-ABL residues interacting with ponatinib are critical to preserve the tumorigenic potential of the oncoproteinBuffa, P; Romano, C; Pandini, A; Massimino, M; TirrĂ², E; Di Raimondo, F; Manzella, L; Fraternali, F; Vigneri, PG
2015Bridging topological and functional information in protein interaction networks by short loops profilingChung, SS; Pandini, A; Annibale, A; Coolen, ACC; Thomas, NSB; Fraternali, F
2012Detection of allosteric signal transmission by information-theoretic analysis of protein dynamicsPandini, A; Fornili, A; Fraternali, F; Kleinjung, J
2013GSATools: Analysis of allosteric communication and functional local motions using a structural alphabetPandini, A; Fornili, A; Fraternali, F; Kleinjung, J
2017In silico identification of rescue sites by double force scanningTiberti, M; Pandini, A; Fraternali, F; Fornili, A
2013Specialized dynamical properties of promiscuous residues revealed by simulated conformational ensemblesFornili, A; Pandini, A; Lu, H-C; Fraternali, F