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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012(1S)-1-phenylethanaminium 4-{[(1S,2S)-1-hydroxy-2,3-dihydro-1H,1'H-[2,2'-biinden]-2-yl]methyl}benzoateFrampton, CS; Zhang, T; Scalabrino, GA; Frankish, N; Sheridan, H
2017Crystal structure of 1-methyl-2H-imidazole 3-oxide monohydrateFrampton, CS
2017Crystal structure of 4-p-hydroxyphenyl-2,2,4-trimethyl-7,8- benzothiachroman: a fused-ring counterpart of thia-Dianin's compound.Frampton, CS; McKendrick, JJ; MacNicol, DD
2000Crystal structure of bis(4-methylimidazole)tetraphenylporphyrinatoiron(III) chloride and related compounds. Correlation of ground state with Fe-N bond lengthsSilver, J; Marsh, PJ; Symons, MCR; Svistunenko, DA; Frampton, CS; Fern, GR
2016Diels-Alder reactions of α-Amido Acrylates with N-Cbz-1,2-dihydropyridine and CyclopentadieneAbas, H; Frampton, CS; Spivey, AC
2013Engineering robust polar chiral clathrate crystalsFrampton, CS; Ketuly, KA; Hadi, AHA; Gall, JH; MacNicol, DD
2017A metastable polymorphic form of the antifungal anilinopyrimidine active PyrimethanilFrampton, CS; Eberlin, AR
2017Mononuclear late first row transition metal complexes of ONO donor hydrazone ligand: Synthesis, characterization, crystallographic insight, in vivo and in vitro antiinflammator activityFrampton, CS; Kendur, , U; Chimmalagi, , G; Patil, S; Gudasi, K; Mangannavar, C; Muchchandi, I
2001Novel seven coordination geometry of Sn(IV): Crystal structures of phthalocyaninato bis(undecylcarboxylato)Sn(IV), its Si(IV) analogue, and phthalocyaninato bis(chloro)silicon(IV). The electrochemistry of the Si(IV) analogue and related compoundsSilver, J; Frampton, CS; Fern, GR; Davies, DA; Miller, JR; Sosa-Sanchez, JL
2017Total CCl₄ guest alignment in a quasiracemic clathrate closely related to Dianin’s compoundFrampton, CS; MacNicol, DD; Gall, JH
2017An unprecedented Dianin clathrate structure with Z ' (host) = 16Frampton, CS; MacNicol, DD; Gall, JH; Ketuly, KK; Ali, HBM; Azizan, AHS