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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Contextual interference effect on perceptual-cognitive skills trainingBroadbent, DP; Causer, J; Ford, PR; Williams, AM
2014The coupling between gaze behavior and opponent kinematics during anticipation of badminton shotsAlder, D; Ford, PR; Causer, J; Williams, AM
2017The effect of a sequential structure of practice for the training of perceptual-cognitive skills in tennisBroadbent, D; Ford, PR; O'Hara, DA; Williams, AM; Causer, J
2015Perceptual-cognitive skill training and its transfer to expert performance in the field: Future research directionsBroadbent, DP; Causer, J; Williams, AM; Ford, PR
2017The role of error processing in the contextual interference effect during the training of perceptual-cognitive skillsBroadbent, D; Causer, J; Williams, AM; Ford, PR