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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Admit your weakness: Verifying correctness on TSO architecturesSmith, G; Derrick, J; Dongol, B
2016Contextual trace refinement for concurrent objects: Safety and progressDongol, B; Groves, L
2015Convolution as a Unifying Concept: Applications in separation logic, Interval calculi and concurrencyDongol, B; Hayes, IJ; Struth, G
2013Data refinement for true concurrencyDongol, B; Derrick, J
2016Decidability and complexity for quiescent consistencyDongol, B; Hierons, R
2017Decidability and Complexity for Quiescent Consistency and its VariationsDongol, B; Hierons, RM
2015Defining correctness conditions for concurrent objects in multicore architecturesDongol, B; Derrick, J; Groves, L; Smith, G
2014Deriving real-time action systems with multiple time bands using algebraic reasoningDongol, B; Hayes, IJ; Derrick, J
2017An Interval Logic for Stream-Processing Functions: A Convolution-Based ConstructionDongol, B
2015Interval-based data refinement: A uniform approach to true concurrency in discrete and real-time systemsDongol, B; Derrick, J
2014Interval-based data refinement: A uniform approach to true concurrency in discrete and real-time systemsDongol, B; Derrick, J
2017Mechanized proofs of opacity: A comparison of two techniquesDerrick, J; Doherty, S; Dongol, B; Schellhorn, G; Travkin, O; Wehrheim, H
2017Modularising opacity verification for hybrid transactional memoryArmstrong, A; Dongol, B
2017On abstraction and compositionality for weak-memory linearisabilityDongol, B; Jagadeesan, R; Riely, J; Armstrong, A
2015A program construction and verification tool for separation logicDongol, B; Gomes, VBF; Struth, G
2016Proving opacity of a pessimistic STMDoherty, S; Dongol, B; Derrick, J; Schellhorn, G; Wehrheim, H
2017Proving opacity via linearizability: A sound and complete methodArmstrong, A; Dongol, B; Doherty, S
2014Quiescent consistency: Defining and verifying relaxed linearizabilityDerrick, J; Dongol, B; Schellhorn, G; Tofan, B; Travkin, O; Wehrheim, H
2014Reasoning about goal-directed real-time teleo-reactive programsDongol, B; Hayes, IJ; Robinson, PJ
2014Reasoning algebraically about refinement on TSO architecturesDongol, B; Derrick, J; Smith, G