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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Development of an organic Rankine cycle system for exhaust energy recovery in internal combustion enginesBianchi, G; Gualtieri, A; Di Battista, D; Mauriello, M; Fatigati, F
2015Experimental and numerical analyses on a plate heat exchanger with phase change for waste heat recovery at off-design conditionsCipollone, R; Bianchi, G; Di Battista, D; Fatigati, F
2015Fuel economy benefits of a new engine cooling pump based on sliding vane technology with variable eccentricityCipollone, R; Bianchi, G; Di Battista, D; Fatigati, F
2014Mechanical energy recovery from low grade thermal energy sourcesCipollone, R; Bianchi, G; Di Battista, D; Contaldi, G; Murgia, S