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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An 'active' passive-filter topology for low power DC/AC invertersArman, Mahmoud Fayez
2010Automatic reactive power compensator: An open loop approachRahim, Abdul-Majeed
2007Critical review of converter topologies for switched reluctance motor drivesElwakil, ES; Darwish, MK
2001Design and implementation of a modified fourier analysis harmonic current computation technique for power active filters using DSPsEl-Habrouk, M; Darwish, MK
2009Energy performance regulations and methodologies of energy saving in office buildings in Southern EuropeTsave, Anna A
2013High frequency link Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systemRasool, Emad Abdulrazzaq
2014Impact of hybrid renewable energy systems on short circuit levels in distribution networksAfifi, SN; Darwish, MK
2016Impact of PV/Wind/Diesel Hybrid system on the distribution networks - Fault currentsAfifi, SN; Darwish, MK
2011Investigations of power quality problems in modern buildingsOlatoke, Abraham
2014A maximum power point tracking for a photovoltaic system based on optimum sinusoidal modulated control pulsesAlqarni, M; Darwish, MK
1998A new configuration for shunt active power filtersEl-Habrouk, Mohamed
2002A new control technique for active power filters using a combined genetic algorithm/conventional analysisEl-Habrouk, M; Darwish, MK
2009A new converter topology for high-speed high-starting-torque three-phase switched reluctance motor drive systemElwakil, Ehab
2010New mathematical model for analysing three-phase controlled rectifier using switching functionsMarouchos, C; Darwish, MK; El-Habrouk, M
2000A new method for power quality improvementKasikci, Ismail
2006A novel three-phase UPS system with a single-phase resonant HF linkDarwish, MK
2014Power optimization for a hydrocarbon industrial plant using a genetic algorithmAl-Hajri, MT; Abido, MA; Darwish, MK
2013Power quality programme awareness: Framework for developing countriesSultan, Saad Saleh
2017Restoration of an AFM Height Image using a Deflection Image at Different Scanning SpeedsAhtaiba, A; Abdulhadi, A; Amreiz, H; Imrayed, O; Darwish, MK
2002Single-chip inverter for active filtersDarwish, MK