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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adam Smith’s Green Thumb and Malthus’ Three Horsemen: Cautionary tales from classical political economyDale, G
2004Between state capitalism and globalisation: The collapse of the East German economyDale, G
2014Contra la naturalización de la Economía: Karl Polanyi, Speenhamland y la Renta BásicaDale, G
2013Critiques of growth in classical political economy: Mill's stationary state and a Marxian responseDale, G
2002Globalisation, microelectronics, and the demise of the GDRDale, G
2008‘Green Shift’: An analysis of corporate responses to climate changeDale, G
2007Heimat, “Ostalgie” and the Stasi: The GDR in German cinema, 1999-2006Dale, G
2015In search of Karl Polanyi’s international relations theoryDale, G
2014The iron law of democratic socialism: British and Austrian influences on the young Karl PolanyiDale, G
2010Karl Polanyi and Oszkar Jászi: Liberal socialism, the aster revolution and the TanácsköztársaságDale, G
2009Karl Polanyi in Budapest: On his political and intellectual formationDale, G
2008Karl Polanyi’s the great transformation: Perverse effects, protectionism and gemeinschaftDale, G
2003"Like wildfire" The east German rising of June 1953Dale, G
2013Marketless trading in Hammurabi’s time: A re-appraisalDale, G
2016Markets, institutions and the Polanyian challenge: A theoretical study of the new institutionalist economic history of Douglass C. NorthKrul, Matthijs
2001'Merging rivulets of opposition': Perspectives of the anti-Capitalist movementDale, G
2007Modelling democratic transition in southern and central Europe: Did East Germany experience ‘transición’ or ‘ruptura’?Dale, G
2002More shock than therapy: Why there has been no “miracle” in eastern GermanyDale, G
2009Of “raisins” and “yeast”: mobilisation and framing in the East German revolution of 1989Dale, G
2007“On the menu or at the table”: Corporations and climate changeDale, G