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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20185G Internet of Radio Light Services for Musée de la Carte à JouerCosmas, JP; Meunier, B; Ali, K; Jawad, N; Meng, H; Goutagneux, F; Legale, E; Satta, M; Jay, P; Zhang, X; Huang, C; Garcia, J; Negru, M; Zhang, Y; Kourtis, A; Koumaras, C; Sakkas, C; Huang, L; Zetik, R; Cabaj, C; Mazurczyk, W; Kapovits, A
20175G Internet of Radio Light Services for SupermarketsCosmas, JP; Meunier, B; Ali, K; Jawad, N; Salih, M
2016A Closed-Loop Reciprocity Calibration Method for Massive MIMO in Terrestrial Broadcasting SystemsCosmas, JP; Luo, H; Zhang, Y; Huang, L; Aggoun
2016Comparative study of broadcasting antenna array optimization using evolutionary algorithmsLazaridis, PI; Tziris, E; Zaharis, ZD; Xenos, T; Holmes, V; Cosmas, JP; Glover, I
2016Comparison of evolutionary algorithms for LPDA antenna optimizationLazaridis, PI; Tziris, EN; Zaharis, ZD; Xenos, TD; Cosmas, JP; Gallion, PB; Holmes, V; Glover, IA
2016Creative tools for producing realistic 3D facial expressions and animationCosmas, JP; Tsekleves, E; Constantinides, R
2015Direct and external intensity modulation in OFDM RoF linksKhwandah, SA; Cosmas, JP; Glover, IA; Lazaridis, PI; Prasad, NR; Zaharis, ZD
-Enhanced cognitive femtocell approach for co-channel downlink interference avoidanceCosmas, JP; Khwandah, S; Glover, I; Lazaridis, P; Zaharis, Z
2014Interference management in LTE co-channel femtocellsKhwandah, SA; Cosmas, JP
2017Internet of Radio-Light: 5G Broadband in BuildingsCosmas, JP; Zhang, Y
2016Minimal mean-square error for 3D MIMO beamforming weightingXu, C; Cosmas, JP; Zhang, Y
2016Multimedia content delivery for emerging satellite networksCosmas, JP; Araniti, G; Bisio, I; De Sanctis, M; Orsino, A
2014Self-organising comprehensive handover strategy for multi-tier LTE-advanced heterogeneous networksBehjati, M; Cosmas, JP; Nilavalan, R; Araniti, G; Condoluci, M
2013Semi-automated mobile TV service generationLiu, M; Tsekleves, E; Cosmas, JP