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2012Heavy and moderate interval exercise training alters low-flow-mediated constriction but does not increase circulating progenitor cells in healthy humansRakobowchuk, M; Harris, E; Taylor, A; Baliga, V; Cubbon, RM; Rossiter, HB; Birch, KM
2010Human exercise-induced circulating progenitor cell mobilization is nitric oxide-dependent and is blunted in South Asian menCubbon, RM; Murgatroyd, SR; Ferguson, C; Bowen, TS; Rakobowchuk, M; Baliga, V; Cannon, D; Rajwani, A; Abbas, A; Kahn, M; Birch, KM; Porter, KE; Wheatcroft, SB; Rossiter, HB; Kearney, MT
2013Moderate and heavy metabolic stress interval training improve arterial stiffness and heart rate dynamics in humansRakobowchuk, M; Harris, E; Taylor, A; Cubbon, RM; Birch, KM
2013Prolonged low flow reduces reactive hyperemia and augments low flow mediated constriction in the brachial artery independent of the menstrual cycleRakobowchuk, M; Parsloe, ER; Gibbins, SE; Harris, E; Birch, KM
2014Sprint interval and sprint continuous training increases circulating CD34+ cells and cardio-respiratory fitness in young healthy womenHarris, E; Rakobowchuk, M; Birch, KM