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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Moving the Weber fraction: The perceptual precision for moment of inertia increases with exploration forceDebats, NB; Kingma, I; Beek, PJ; Smeets, JBJ
2014Persistent fluctuations in stride intervals under fractal auditory stimulationMarmelat, V; Torre, K; Beek, PJ; Daffertshofer, A
2014Postural threat during walking: effects on energy cost and accompanying gait changesIJmker, T; Lamoth, CJ; Houdijk, H; van der Woude, LHV; Beek, PJ
2014Shotgun approaches to gait analysis: insights & limitationsKaptein, RG; Wezenberg, D; IJmker, T; Houdijk, H; Beek, PJ; Lamoth, CJC; Daffertshofer, A
2010Spectral changes of interhemispheric crosstalk during movement instabilitiesHouweling, S; Beek, PJ; Daffertshofer, A
2013Unilateral versus bilateral upper limb training after stroke: The upper limb training after stroke clinical trialvan Delden, AL; Peper, CE; Nienhuys, KN; Zijp, NI; Beek, PJ; Kwakkel, G