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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cheaper faster drug development validated by the repositioning of drugs against neglected tropical diseasesWilliams, K; Bilsland, E; Sparkes, A; Aubrey, W; Young, M; Soldatova, LN; De Grave, K; Ramon, J; De Clare, M; Sirawaraporn, W; Oliver, SG; King, RD
2012Effect of physical and mental workload interactions on human attentional resources and performanceBasahel, Abdulrahman
2011The effects of individual differences on mobile phone users’ operational behaviourWang, Wen-Chia
2010The flight of information: New approaches for investigating aviation accident causationGriffin, Thomas GC
2011An investigation into the concept of motivation within designBisset, Fergus
2008A new model for cross-cultural web designHsieh, Hsiu Ching
2011Understanding touch screen mobile phone users by Taxonomy of Experience (ToE)Wang, W-C; Young, M; Love, S; Coxon, I; Human Centred Design Institute (HCDI) Research Seminar Series
2002User-centred car design and the role of feedback in drivingWalker, Guy Harrison