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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An exploration of African-Caribbean boys’ underachievement and their stories of schoolingGraham, Janet
2011Factors affecting the choice of science subjects among girls at secondary level in MauritiusNaugah, Jayantee
2013Family play-learning through informal education: Make and play activities with traditional Thai toy activities at a science museumKanhadilok, Peeranut
2016Family science and intergenerational learningZwozdiak-Myers, P; Watts, DM; Kanhadilok, P
2013From composition to transcription: A study of conceptual understanding and levels of awareness in thinking used by children during specific genre writing tasksSilby, Alison
2013Girls and science education in Mauritius: A study of science class practices and their effects on girlsNaugah, J; Watts, DM
2013The impact of blended learning on female student-teachers in KuwaitGhaith, Omar
2011The impact of computer use in the development of Mathematics teaching in primary educationAlawadhi, Nabil
2010The implementation and impact of the secondary science National Strategy: A single-school case study to explore the changes in classroom teaching styles and the responses of students to these initiativesLloyd-Staples, Chris
2015Institute and learner readiness for e-learning in the MaldivesThaufeega, F; Crowe, N; Watts, DM
2014Making the tacit explicit: children’s strategies for classroom writingWatts, DM; Silby, A
2014Managing affect in learners' questions in undergraduate sciencePedrosa-de-Jesus, H; Watts, DM
2016The old questions are the best: striving against invalidity in qualitative researchWatts, DM; Da Silva Lopes, B.; Pedrosa de Jesus, MH
2017A paradigm shift in the teaching and learning of science using technology in Mauritius: Making a case for incorporating the affective domain.Ramma, Y; Bholoa, A; Watts, DM; Samy, M
2014Promoting academic development through situated critical reflectionWatts, DM; Guerra, C; Pedrosa-de-Jesus, H; Cunha, A; Almeida, A
2015Public understanding of plant biology: Voices from the bottom of the gardenWatts, DM
2010Pupils or prisoners? Institutional geographies and internal exclusion in UK secondary schoolsBarker, J; Alldred, P; Watts, DM; Dodman, H
2016‘Question Moments’: A Rolling Programme of Question Opportunities in Classroom SciencePedrosa de Jesus, MH; Leite, S; Watts, DM
2011Reflecting blues - Perceptions of policing students undertaking a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course with regard to reflective practice and associated skillsMalthouse, Richard
2015Reflectivity, reflective questions, self-questioning and managing professionally situated practiceMalthouse, R; Roffey-Barentsen, R; Watts, DM