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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Lagrangian analysis led design of a shock recovery plate impact experimentVignjevic, R; Hughes, K; De Vuyst, T; Djordjevic, N; Campbell, JC; Stojkovic, M; Gulavani, O; Hiermaier, S
2016Modelling of bird strike on the engine fan blades using FE-SPHDjordjevic, N; Vignjevic, R; De Vuyst, T; Campbell, JC; Hughes, K
2015Modelling ricochet of a cylinder on water using ALE and SPH methodsDeVuyst, T; Seidl, M; Campbell, JC; Papagiannis, L; Vignjevic, R
2016Modelling Transient Fluid Loading on Flexible StructuresHughes, K; Campbell, J; De Vuyst, T; Vignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N
2016Numerical modelling of the effect of using multi-explosives on the explosive forming of steel conesDe Vuyst, T; Kong, K; Djordjevic, N; Vignjevic, R; Campbell, JC; Hughes, K
2014On the dynamic tensile strength of ZirconiumAppleby-Thomas, GJ; Hameed, A; Vignjevic, R; Hazell, PJ; Painter, J; Cademartori, S
2016Prediction of the ballistic limit of an aluminium sandwich panelDe Vuyst, T; Campbell, JC; Hughes, K; Vignjevic, R
2016Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of dynamic fracture and fragmentation problemsDe Vuyst, T; Campbell, JC; Vignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N; Hughes, K
2016SPH as a nonlocal regularisation method for instabilities due to strain-softeningVignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N; De Vuyst, T; Campbell, JC; Hughes, K
2014SPH as a nonlocal regularisation method: Solution for instabilities due to strain-softeningVignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N; Gemkow, S; De Vuyst, T; Campbell, J
2016A study of the effect of projectile orientation on the results of ballistic impact tests as described in the EASA CS-25 regulations for fuel tank access coversDe Vuyst, T; Vignjevic, R; Azorin Albero, A; Campbell, JC; Djordjevic, N; Hughes, K