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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Design of radial turbomachinery for supercritical CO 2 systems using theoretical and numerical CFD methodologiesHolaind, N; Bianchi, G; De Miol, M; Saravi, SS; Tassou, SA; Leroux, A; Jouhara, H
2015Design optimisation of CO2 gas cooler/condenser in a refrigeration systemGe, YT; Tassou, SA; Santosa, ID; Tsamos, K
2014Design optimisation of CO2 gas cooler/condenser in a refrigeration systemGe, YT; Tassou, SA; Santosa, ID; Tsamos, K
2017Dynamic modeling and optimization of an ORC unit equipped with plate heat exchangers and turbomachinesMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Karvountzis, A; Pesiridis, A; Tassou, SA
2017Editorial to the Proceedings of the 1 st International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Resource Use in Food Chains (ICSEF 2017)Tassou, SA; Bianchi, G
2013Effectiveness of CFD simulation for the performance prediction of phase change building boards in the thermal environment control of indoor spacesGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
2017Effects of latent heat storage and controls on stability and performance of a solar assisted heat pump system for domestic hot water productionYoussef, W; Ge, YT; Tassou, SA
2017Energy analysis of alternative CO 2 refrigeration system configurations for retail food applications in moderate and warm climatesTsamos, KM; Ge, YT; Santosa, I; Tassou, SA; Bianchi, G; Mylona, Z
2015Energy aspects and ventilation of food retail buildingsKolokotroni, M; Tassou, SA; Gowreesunker, BL
2017Environmental impacts of vapour compression and cryogenic transport refrigeration technologies for temperature controlled food distributionRai, A; Tassou, SA
2016Evaluation of the application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) on the envelope of a typical dwelling in the Mediterranean regionPanayiotou, GP; Kalogirou, SA; Tassou, SA
2013Evaluation of the energy impact of PCM tiles in an Airport Terminal Departure hallGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
2013Experimental and numerical investigations of the optical and thermal aspects of a PCM-glazed unitGowreesunker, BL; Stankovic, SB; Tassou, SA; Kyriacou, PA
2017Experimental investigation and modelling of thermal environment control of air distribution systems for chilled food manufacturing facilitiesParpas, D; Amaris, C; Tassou, SA
2017Experimental investigation on power generation with low grade waste heat and CO<inf>2</inf>transcritical power cycleLi, L; Ge, Y; Luo, X; Tassou, SA
2017The impact of the UK's emissions reduction initiative on the national food industryGowreesunker, BL; Mudie, S; Tassou, SA
2012Improved simulation of phase change processes in applications where conduction is the dominant heat transfer modeGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Kolokotroni, M
2017Indirect expansion solar assisted heat pump system for hot water production with latent heat storage and applicable control strategyYoussef, W; Ge, Y; Tassou, SA
2012Integration of trigeneration and CO2 based refrigeration systems for energy conservationSuamir, I Nyoman
2012Investigation and optimisation of commercial refrigeration cycles using the natural refrigerant CO2Shilliday, Jason Alexander