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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Effects of latent heat storage and controls on stability and performance of a solar assisted heat pump system for domestic hot water productionYoussef, W; Ge, YT; Tassou, SA
2017Energy analysis of alternative CO 2 refrigeration system configurations for retail food applications in moderate and warm climatesTsamos, KM; Ge, YT; Santosa, I; Tassou, SA; Bianchi, G; Mylona, Z
2015Energy aspects and ventilation of food retail buildingsKolokotroni, M; Tassou, SA; Gowreesunker, BL
2017Environmental impacts of vapour compression and cryogenic transport refrigeration technologies for temperature controlled food distributionRai, A; Tassou, SA
2016Evaluation of the application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) on the envelope of a typical dwelling in the Mediterranean regionPanayiotou, GP; Kalogirou, SA; Tassou, SA
2013Evaluation of the energy impact of PCM tiles in an Airport Terminal Departure hallGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
2013Experimental and numerical investigations of the optical and thermal aspects of a PCM-glazed unitGowreesunker, BL; Stankovic, SB; Tassou, SA; Kyriacou, PA
2017Experimental investigation and modelling of thermal environment control of air distribution systems for chilled food manufacturing facilitiesParpas, D; Amaris, C; Tassou, SA
2017Experimental investigation on power generation with low grade waste heat and CO<inf>2</inf>transcritical power cycleLi, L; Ge, Y; Luo, X; Tassou, SA
2017The impact of the UK's emissions reduction initiative on the national food industryGowreesunker, BL; Mudie, S; Tassou, SA
2012Improved simulation of phase change processes in applications where conduction is the dominant heat transfer modeGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Kolokotroni, M
2017Indirect expansion solar assisted heat pump system for hot water production with latent heat storage and applicable control strategyYoussef, W; Ge, Y; Tassou, SA
2012Integration of trigeneration and CO2 based refrigeration systems for energy conservationSuamir, I Nyoman
2012Investigation and optimisation of commercial refrigeration cycles using the natural refrigerant CO2Shilliday, Jason Alexander
1997Investigation into the design and optimisation of multideck refrigerated display casesStribling, David
2008Investigation of heat transfer in metal-foam tubesLu, Wei
2013Investigation of the entrainment and infiltration rates through air curtains of open low-front refrigerated display cabinetsAl-Sahhaf, Ahmad Ali
2017Investigations into air and refrigerant side heat transfer coefficients of finned-tube CO2 gas coolersSantosa, IMC; Gowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Tsamos, KM; Ge, Y
1997Modeling the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies in the Cypriot manufacturing industryEfstathiades, Andreas
2000Modelling the performance and dynamics of vapour compression refrigeration systemsGrace, Iain Nicholas