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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Network growth model with intrinsic vertex fitnessSmolyarenko, IE; Hoppe, K; Rodgers, GJ
2002A non extensive approach for DNA breaking by ionizing radiationSotolongo-Costa, O; Guzman, F; Antoranz, JC; Rodgers, GJ; Rodriguez, O; Arruda Neto, JDT; Deepman, A
2002Non-universal scaling and dynamical feedback in generalized models of financial marketsZheng, DG; Rodgers, GJ; Hui, PM; D'Hulst, R
2001Percolation and depinning transitions in cut-and-paste models of adaptationD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
2014Percolation on fitness-dependent networks with heterogeneous resilienceHoppe, K; Rodgers, GJ
2006A power law distribution in patients' lengths of stay in hospitalHellervik, A; Rodgers, GJ
2011The resistance of randomly grown treesRodgers, GJ
2006Self-organized Model for Modular Complex Networks: Division and IndependenceKim, DH; Rodgers, GJ; Kahng, B; Kim, D
1997Slowly driven sandpile formation with granular mixturesHead, DA; Rodgers, GJ
2009Some applications of graph theoryEggemann, Nicole
2008Spectral density of complex networks with a finite mean degreeRodgers, GJ
2006Spin glass phase transition on scale-free networksKim, DH; Kahng, B; Rodgers, GJ; Kim, D
1996Stable distribution in fragmentation processesRodgers, GJ; Hassan, MK
1999Stretched exponentials and power laws in granular avalanchingHead, DA; Rodgers, GJ
2010Structure and dynamics of complex systemsKujawski, Bernard
1995Theoretical and numerical studies of chemisorption on a line with precursor layer diffusionFilipe, JAN; Rodgers, GJ
1993A three stage model for adsorption of nonionic surfactantsCory, H; Rodgers, GJ
2006Topics in complex systemsYap, Yee Jiun
2004Traffic on complex networks: Towards understanding global statistical properties from microscopic density fluctuationsTadic, B; Thurner, S; Rodgers, GJ
2001Transition from coherence to bistability in a model of financial marketsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ