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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Technology and topology optimization for multizonal transmission systemsErgun, H; Rawn, B; Belmans, R; Van Hertem, D
2015Trading energy yield for frequency regulation: Optimal control of kinetic energy in wind farmsDe Rijcke, S; Tielens, P; Rawn, B; Van Hertem, D; Driesen, J
2013Transmission planning for wind energy in the United States and Europe: status and prospectsSmith, JC; Osborn, D; Zavadil, R; Lasher, W; Gómez-Lázaro, E; Estanqueiro, A; Trotscher, T; Tande, J; Korpås, M; Van Hulle, F; Holttinen, H; Orths, A; Burke, D; O'Malley, M; Dobschinski, J; Rawn, B; Gibescu, M; Dale, L