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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Energy saving in sliding vane rotary compressors using pressure swirl oil atomizersCipollone, R; Valenti, G; Bianchi, G; Murgia, S; Contaldi, G; Calvi, T
2014Mechanical energy recovery from low grade thermal energy sourcesCipollone, R; Bianchi, G; Di Battista, D; Contaldi, G; Murgia, S
2015Model based design of an intercooled dual stage sliding vane rotary compressor systemCipollone, R; Bianchi, G; Battista, DD; Contaldi, G; Murgia, S
2016Modeling and Experimental Activities on a Small-scale Sliding Vane Pump for ORC-based Waste heat Recovery ApplicationsBianchi, G; Fatigati, F; Murgia, S; Cipollone, R; Contaldi, G
2017Numerical CFD simulations on a small-scale ORC expander using a customized grid generation methodologyBianchi, G; Rane, S; Kovacevic, A; Cipollone, R; Murgia, S; Contaldi, G
2014Performance enhancement in sliding vane rotary compressors through a sprayed oil injection technologyCipollone, R; Murgia, S; Contaldi, G