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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Microwave method for high-frequency properties of grapheneHao, L; Gallop, J; Liu, Q; Chen, J
2013Multi-functional MEMSINEMS for Nanometrology ApplicationsHao, L; Gallop, J; Stewart, M; Lees, K; Chen, J
2010New signature waveforms for multi-rate QS-CDMA system with QPSK modulationFeng, L; Fan, P; Loo, KK; Hao, L
2007Novel methods of fabrication and metrology of superconducting nanostructuresHao, L; Macfarlane, JC; Gallop, JC; Cox, DD; Joseph-Franks, P; Hutson, D; Chen, JJ; Lam, SKH
2015Plasma treated graphene oxide films: structural and electrical studiesLi, T; Patel, T; Banerjee, I; Pearce-Hill, R; Gallop, J; Hao, L; Ray, AK
2015Self-supporting graphene films and their applicationsGoniszewski, S; Gallop, J; Adabi, M; Gajewski, K; Shaforost, O; Klein, N; Sierakowski, A; Chen, J; Chen, Y; Gotszalk, T; Hao, L
2017Toward the use of NanoSQUIDs to measure the displacement of an NEMS resonatorPatel, T; Li, B; Li, T; Wang, R; Gallop, JC; Cox, DC; Chen, J; Romans, EJ; Hao, L