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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The C1XS X-ray spectrometer on Chandrayaan-1Maddison, BJ; Howe, CJ; Kellett, BJ; Sreekumar, P; Huovelin, J; Crawford, IA; Duston, CL; Smith, D; Anand, M; Bhandari, N; Cook, A; Fernandes, V; Foing, B; Gasnaut, O; Goswami, JN; Holland, A; Joy, KH; Kochney, D; Lawrence, D; Maurice, S; Okada, T; Narendranath, S; Pieters, C; Rothery, D; Russell, SS; Shrivastava, A; Swinyard, B; Wilding, M; Wieczorek, M
2012The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray spectrometer: First resultsKellett, BJ; Swinyard, BM; Crawford, IA; Joy, KH; Grande, M; Howe, CJ; Huovelin, J; Narendranath, S; Alha, L; Anand, M; Athiray, PS; Bhandari, N; Carter, JA; Cook, AC; d'Uston, LC; Fernandes, VA; Gasnault, O; Goswami, JN; Gow, JPD; Holland, AD; Koschny, D; Lawrence, DJ; Maddison, BJ; Maurice, S; McKay, DJ; Okada, T; Pieters, C; Rothery, DA; Russell, SS; Shrivastava, A; Smith, DR; Wieczorek, M