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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Targeting improved patient outcomes using innovative product listing agreements: A survey of canadian and international key opinion leadersHenshall, C; Garrison, LP; Griffin, AD; Coyle, D; Long, S; Khayat, ZA; Anger, DL; Yu, R
2017Transient elastography for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis: a systematic review of economic evaluationsvan Katwyk, S; Coyle, D; Cooper, C; Pussegoda, K; Cameron, C; Skidmore, B; Brener, S; Moher, D; Thavorn, K
2015Triptans in the acute treatment of migraine: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.Cameron, C; Kelly, S; Hsieh, SC; Murphy, M; Chen, L; Kotb, A; Peterson, J; Coyle, D; Skidmore, B; Gomes, T; Clifford, T; Wells, G
2008Wage losses in the year after breast cancer: Extent and determinants among Canadian womenLauzier, S; Maunsell, E; Drolet, M; Coyle, D; Hébert-Croteau, N; Brisson, J; Mâsse, B; Abdous, B; Robidoux, A; Robert, J
2014What guidance are researchers given on how to present network meta-analyses to end-users such as policymakers and clinicians? A systematic reviewSullivan, SM; Coyle, D; Wells, G